16 June 2015

Back Home

A few weeks ago I had to leave my new home in Glasgow quite suddenly and move back to my mum's. Since then I've been surrounding myself with roses, peonies and bluebells to cheer myself up whilst I get everything else back on track. For months I had been eager to start making paper flowers under the guidance of Livia Cetti's "The Exquisite Book of Paper Flowers", and I finally got round to making a few during all the extra hours I've had on my hands. I've mastered begonias, tree peonies and foxglove, and honestly I can't say how happy I am with the results. They are so life-like and beautiful, and I'm pretty excited about arranging an entire bouquet that will last forever. Also, bleaching tissue paper is my new favourite thing.

Isla and Miss Cicely Alexander. 

Layers of tissue waiting to be bleached. 


Real v Paper: poseys, ranunculus and peonies on the left, poppies and begonias on the right.

Foxglove throats in the making.