26 May 2015

West Yorkshire

Last week I went on potentially my only holiday of the year to Haworth in West Yorkshire. It's the village associated with the Brontës, who lived in the parsonage at the very top of the hill where the town ends and the moors begin. I had high expectations for Haworth, built up not only by the gothic mansion serving as the local YHA, with stained glass windows and William Morris wallpaper throughout (oranges and lemons in the lounge, honeysuckle in the dining room) but also by Wuthering Heights, Kate Bush, etc etc. In short, I wanted a dramatic landscape and some really decent walks.  

On another note, it was mine and Tasha's last chance to go on a trip together before she started a new job in Bath. 


The good news is that the hostel went above and beyond anything I was expecting. For £15 each a night we got our own private room, a full english for breakfast, unlimited fussing over and petting of the hostel cat Toffy, and the entire run of the building.

The main walk was from the Brontë parsonage to Top Withens- the farmhouse ruin which is believed to have been Emily's inspiration for Wuthering Heights. We made the pilgrimage on the final and sunniest day of our trip. It might have been more atmospheric on a drizzly and cold morning, but in the sunshine we could really appreciate the beauty of the moors. The colours of the path changed from greens to a more rugged and wild palette of browns and purple heather as we got closer to Top Withens.  

We also got a trip in to Hebden Bridge, a town Tasha had been wanting to visit for some time. We saw Sylvia Plath's grave and then spent the rest of the day searching for a location in an 80's pop video. We found it too!