21 May 2015

Summer Dreamin'


Some things you flutter over in the beginning, but gradually you begin to forget and the desire fades. Other things you save to your computer, and no matter how much time passes, you keep going back to look at them and feel the same love you always did (if not more.) These two summer lust-worthy pieces are just that, and if I could afford to investment buy I would be investing in these beauties right this second! The sandals by Whistles balance the perfect amounts of clunky and delicate, and I love flowers so there's not much more to say on this top by Topshop....other than that the pattern looks like a psychedelic wallpaper from the 70's (in  a good way) and its 100% silk. The sandals are pure fantasy but if I can cram-save in the next couple of weeks the top is a maybe. Maybe! :)