16 August 2014

Over the Sea to Skye

We recently had the Commonwealth Games here in Glasgow (as I'm sure everyone knows), and in the midst of the crowds and hype I escaped for three days back to the Isle of Skye, where my sister is currently living and working. I got the train to Mallaig from Queen Street station, which is one of the most famous (and beautiful) train rides in the country, mainly because of the Glenfinnan Viaduct (which is the bridge on the way to Hogwarts in the Harry Potter films!). Then I had to get a ferry to Armadale, which only lasted for about twenty minutes. It was probably the most picturesque journey I have ever been on. 

When I got in off the ferry, we went to a seal look-out in Armadale. You can see them lying about on the rocks in the background of the photo above (the little white blobs).



On the first and last day we went to the Eilean Iarmain Hotel. We had lunch in the pub and coffee and shortbread through in the lounge, which was a really lovely little spot for us to sit a few a hours away before hitch hiking back home. This trip was actually the first time I have ever hitched a ride before, although Tasha does it quite regularly since the buses are so unreliable and sparse on Skye. It was quite easy for us, never taking more than five minutes before someone stopped, and it was also a great way to speak to some locals. 

We also went to Dunvegan Castle, and although it was raining miserably all day long, a lovely lady who worked there and who recognised Tasha because she gave her a life one time, gave us a personal tour of the castle (see- hitch hiking really does have benefits!). It really brightened up what would have otherwise been a rather disappointing day because of the weather.