29 July 2014

Pretty in Pink

I know I'm a bit slow on the uptake with this one, but I will never get excited about trends unless a). they completely work for me and b). they manage to be good enough to outweigh the frivolity of being new and 'on trend', which is why with pastel hair, which has been doing the rounds on fashion blogs for some time now (years?), I have finally given it its due attention. As a redhead, I have always thought that colouring my hair was never an option, but recently I have come increasingly preoccupied with the idea of dying the tips of my hair a pale pink shade. Most people, I think, would consider red hair and pink as two non-complimentary colours, but my hair is a pale ginger, and I really think the pink could work. One of the main reasons I like the pastel shades for hair so much in the first place is that it doesn't seem overdone but is meant to be a bit brash and home-made. Even just contemplating the idea is really liberating for me! Below are a images that I think manage to nail the look pretty perfectly. 
Top Left: Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette
Top Right: Kate
Bottom Left: Drew
Bottom Right: Photograph by Anja Verdugo for Shop Summerland