25 July 2014

London in Summer

After finishing my final exams for uni I took advantage of not being tied down to a job or my studies for the first time in four years and went on as many weekend trips as I could. Before heading up to the Isle of Skye I spent a couple of days at the opposite end of the UK visiting my friend Abi (and her cute little cat friend Sasha.) Whilst she had to work one of the days I was staying with her, I went all over London re-visiting my favourite places that I used to sack class off for when I was studying at LCF, mainly The Nordic Bakery, the Geffrye Museum and Liberty's. London has such a special feeling in Summer, and it felt so good to wander around with the Clientele and Comet Gain playing in my headphones (and every other band that I associate with the city for some reason or another). 

     To be honest, I have quite a love-hate relationship with London. I remember how overwhelming it was being a student there, at times seeming so unbearably lonely and the difficulty of having financial problems was magnified by a thousand percent compared to anywhere else I've lived. But living there for a year was also one of the most informative and memorable experiences of my life, and I'll always have a soft spot for it in my heart (especially the Sunday flower market). The lure of job opportunities is already pulling me back. 

The interior of Lina Stores in Soho

The best cakes at Ottolenghi's

 Cinnamon buns and coffee at the Nordic 

 Dream house in Kentish Town

Dream clothes at Liberty

 Salted caramel and chocolate ice-cream from Paul A. Young 

 De Beauvoir Square

Looking at shells by Damien Hirst at Tate Britain 

 The Acne x Liberty collection (taking photos= feeling closer to them)


"London! The way you hate me is better than love and I'm head over heels.
London! The way you want to get rid of me makes me weak in the knees."
                                           -Lyrics from Frida Hyv√∂nen's song "London!"