19 July 2014

Camping in the Lake District

It's become a sort of new tradition for Mathew and I to go camping in the Lake District at the height of Summer during the first couple of weeks of August. We enjoyed it so much last year that we decided to go again this year when my dad and his family will also be in the Lakes, but after the disaster we had last year (bringing a tent camping that isn't completely waterproof is a BIG mistake), I'm hoping to prepare for it properly this year and hey- perhaps even camp in style! I've been keeping a lookout for outdoor-friendly items we could bring, like enamel or acrylic mugs and cups. A good picnic blanket is also really important, and super warm jumpers/socks as it can still be freezing at night in August. 

Top to Bottom: 
1. Enamel vintage mug found on Etsy
2. Acrylic candyfloss tumbler by Orla Kiely
3. Chic french matches by Merci
4. Pink jumper by YMC
5. Fold-away stool found on Etsy
6. Vintage thermos flask found on Etsy
7. Acrylic plate by Orla Kiely
8. Wool picnic blanket by John Lewis