11 April 2014



This is the final section of my little guide to Paris, and I've really enjoyed putting it together if only to look at all the old photos again. Some of these shops I have already mentioned for places to eat as many have adjoining caf├ęs. It's a mixture of well-known Parisian institutions and those harder to find little gems that you can easily miss.

1. Le Bon Marche

This huge department store has an amazing gourmet food hall that keeps me coming back every time I visit Paris. It's luxurious and expensive but way cheaper than if you were to actually go for a meal in a restaurant, so it's an ideal place to get supplies for a picnic or to pick up some gifts. The main shop is nice to browse around and a Rose Bakery branch has also recently opened up inside, but it gets seriously busy (and I've also noticed that the prices are way higher for the same stuff.)


We mainly go to Merci for food at lunchtime or coffee and cake, but is also a popular fashion and lifestyle shop over three levels. It's carefully curated, stocking brands such as A.P.C, Isabel Marant and Repetto, and they also occassionally do collaborations with Liberty on stationery. Some things are affordable, most are not, but it's a nice place to visit because the visual merchandising always takes the form of actual art exhibitions, which is pretty cool. 

3. Le Petit Atelier de Paris 

Le Petit Atelier de Paris is one of my favourite places to visit when I'm in Paris, selling the most beautiful and delicate ceramics for the home. It is ran by a couple who hand-make everything in the workshop adjoining the main shop itself,  but if I'm honest the real reason me and Tasha go is to see PomPon, the gorgeous Shiba-Inu dog that's always hanging around. He.is.so.cute! He lives in this little wooden dog-house, I think made by his owners and he has a handkerchief tied around his neck. Me and Tash are such dorks, we totally know who he is because his owners sometimes blog about him, and last time we were there he came towards us and we were all like "Oh PomPon! PomPon!"  totally forgetting that we don't actually know them or their dog. I hope they didn't hear, otherwise they's know we're massive PomPon fan-girls. I don't really mind if they did. 

I hope this travel guide has been useful, even if only one single person goes to a place I have recommended and has a good time!