7 January 2014



Having not done a proper Christmas post yet, this is probably the closest i'll come to actually doing one. Although it doesn't look very Christmassy, it does document the way i spent my time over the holidays quite accurately. I left my part-time job in mid-December so I was able to go home to Cumbria for quite a while this year. It's only around an hour for me on the train to get there from Glasgow, which really is something I like to take advantage of as often as I can. Since living in a few different places I've realised how special Cumbria is and have really come to appreciate it as I get older. I love being able to walk out the door and be in the countryside within minutes. Going for a long and proper walk is one of my favourite things to do when I'm home. It's the only form of exercise I can handle, and it really does clear my head, make me feel more positive and I sleep properly at night. As a family, we have always gone on walks, especially as my mum doesn't drive so we've never had a car. I remember when I was younger and living way up north in the Highlands, and one winter when it had snowed my mum came to collect me and sister after school had finished. She brought our wellies and a flask of hot soup, and we went for a walk around the woods at the edge of town. I've always remembered it because it was so cozy and sweet, and totally unexpected. 
So this Christmas I took full advantage of being home and went walking almost every day. These pictures are some of the ones we took along the way. I love going for a walk on Christmas day especially, because everywhere is so quiet and there's no cars to get in our way.