21 January 2014


I've been feeling pretty down recently about having to write my dissertation, I just want it to be over so much now but then I think of when it will be over and that's slightly terrifying too cause I'll have to get a real job. I keep thinking more and more about travelling during the summer. I've been in Glasgow for five years now and I really want a change, even if it's just a long holiday. I thought I could become a chambermaid and work in a hotel in Paris, but that's a total pipe-dream. I don't speak two words of French even though I learnt it for about seven years at school. Apparently Easyjet have started doing cheap flights to Russia so that could be a thing...Now that I know I'm ready to leave, in my mind I've already left. 

Apart from the endless worrying about my dissertation, some good things have happened to me recently. My mum and sister have gone on holiday to Estonia so me and Mathew get to look after their cat Isla. I'm a bit scared when I leave her in the house all day whilst I'm at uni, we're on the top floor so I worry she's going to fall out a window or down the toilet. I know neither of those things is ever going to happen, but she's so cute and small I convince myself it's going to. I've been buying lots of flowers, but I'm getting frustrated with the crap range that's on offer in Glasgow. I want big garden roses and ranunculus (I've never seen them in real life, only on google images) but I can't seem to get them anywhere. I've even been looking up wholesale suppliers but you have to have a shop to be able to go which isn't fair. My friend Janis also baked us the nicest clementine drizzle loaf cake that I've been feeding off for days.

(this photo of Tasha and Isla makes me laugh so so much)