25 January 2014


 Some recent photographs I took in Edinburgh and Glasgow over the past few weeks that I think go well together. The sunshine is so rare at the minute that I make the most of any every opportunity it comes out. These were taken with my Olympus mju III. 

21 January 2014


I've been feeling pretty down recently about having to write my dissertation, I just want it to be over so much now but then I think of when it will be over and that's slightly terrifying too cause I'll have to get a real job. I keep thinking more and more about travelling during the summer. I've been in Glasgow for five years now and I really want a change, even if it's just a long holiday. I thought I could become a chambermaid and work in a hotel in Paris, but that's a total pipe-dream. I don't speak two words of French even though I learnt it for about seven years at school. Apparently Easyjet have started doing cheap flights to Russia so that could be a thing...Now that I know I'm ready to leave, in my mind I've already left. 

Apart from the endless worrying about my dissertation, some good things have happened to me recently. My mum and sister have gone on holiday to Estonia so me and Mathew get to look after their cat Isla. I'm a bit scared when I leave her in the house all day whilst I'm at uni, we're on the top floor so I worry she's going to fall out a window or down the toilet. I know neither of those things is ever going to happen, but she's so cute and small I convince myself it's going to. I've been buying lots of flowers, but I'm getting frustrated with the crap range that's on offer in Glasgow. I want big garden roses and ranunculus (I've never seen them in real life, only on google images) but I can't seem to get them anywhere. I've even been looking up wholesale suppliers but you have to have a shop to be able to go which isn't fair. My friend Janis also baked us the nicest clementine drizzle loaf cake that I've been feeding off for days.

(this photo of Tasha and Isla makes me laugh so so much)

18 January 2014



To continue with the Paris Travel Guide I thought I'd do a post on those outdoor spaces that fill in the gaps between museums, art galleries and going for meals.

The main parks in Paris are completely different to ones I'm used to. They're not green and wild so much as dusty and very ordered, and benches are generally replaced with lots of separate chairs.The Jardin du Luxembourg is my personal favourite, although there's many that I haven't been to that I'd like to visit such as the Parc des Buttes-Chaumont. I'm not as taken with the Tuileries, I think it's because I'm not so keen on that particular area of Paris. But you really get a sense of how important the gardens are to Parisian culture; they're central to the relaxed and informal way of life that most people seem to lead (at least it seems relaxing to me from the outisde- but then I think of the drivers in Paris and no, no it's not all that relaxed at all.)

( all three taken of me by tasha) 

There are a couple of other small parks/seating areas I like, the Jardin Anne Frank which is down a little alleyway across the street from the Pompidou Centre (it's also just next to a doll museum which I haven't been to but could be really good) and the small garden directly outside Bon Marché, which you can see below in a photo that Tasha took last time we were there. 

Okay, so let me tell you about this cemetery. There's lots of good people buried here such as François Truffaut and Degas, but there's also a ton of cute cats that come out in the morning. They even have little cat boxes dotted around the place so they actually live there, maybe to kill the rats or something! They're a bit wild with crazy fur and scary eyes, and they didn't let us go up and pet them. Proper strays. Me and Tasha went there practically every morning to hang out with the cats before continuing with our other plans- we know how to start the day off right. Just a kitty/graveyard photoshoot in the bag before half ten.

( last photo taken by tasha) 

Everyone has to visit the Cimitière de Montparnasse when they come to Paris cause this is where Serge Gainsbourg is buried, and his grave is totally crazy with loads of photos and metro tickets placed there by fans. There are lots of cherry blossoms and flowers around the place which makes for plenty of good floral photo opportunities in between scanning the graves for famous people.

(last photo of me taken by tasha) 

7 January 2014



Having not done a proper Christmas post yet, this is probably the closest i'll come to actually doing one. Although it doesn't look very Christmassy, it does document the way i spent my time over the holidays quite accurately. I left my part-time job in mid-December so I was able to go home to Cumbria for quite a while this year. It's only around an hour for me on the train to get there from Glasgow, which really is something I like to take advantage of as often as I can. Since living in a few different places I've realised how special Cumbria is and have really come to appreciate it as I get older. I love being able to walk out the door and be in the countryside within minutes. Going for a long and proper walk is one of my favourite things to do when I'm home. It's the only form of exercise I can handle, and it really does clear my head, make me feel more positive and I sleep properly at night. As a family, we have always gone on walks, especially as my mum doesn't drive so we've never had a car. I remember when I was younger and living way up north in the Highlands, and one winter when it had snowed my mum came to collect me and sister after school had finished. She brought our wellies and a flask of hot soup, and we went for a walk around the woods at the edge of town. I've always remembered it because it was so cozy and sweet, and totally unexpected. 
So this Christmas I took full advantage of being home and went walking almost every day. These pictures are some of the ones we took along the way. I love going for a walk on Christmas day especially, because everywhere is so quiet and there's no cars to get in our way.