12 December 2013


this time last year my sister simone and i spent a few days in lisbon, portugal over her birthday. i would love to be there again where it's still autumn and the air is warm. the pictures i took were spread out over the end of one film roll and the beginning of another, and some i only developed a few months ago. this is the first time i have put the photos together and now i remember what a beautiful city it was- a mixture of the elegance of paris and the faded grandeur of an eastern european city like budapest. i met a girl from lisbon who told me a few tips on where to go a little while before i went. one of her recommendations was a custard tart- or pasétis de nata as they are called- from pastéis de belém. we got there on the last day and i can tell you they were delicious! served warm and freshly baked with sugar and cinnamon sprinkled over the top. it's a perfect city for wandering in as it's only about the size of edinburgh. i can remember shops that sold just canned sardines from floor to ceiling and i brought some back for my mum as a gift. they wrapped them up in a little package of brown paper tied up with string and i just remember how wonderful that was. it's not one of the most obvious places for a city break but it's a really special little place and i hope to go back one day.
happy birthday simone!