10 December 2013


now that uni is over for the holidays and i can start concentrating on fun stuff i thought i'd share some bits and pieces i've been admiring so far this month. to be honest, i don't really like christmas lists because i think it's way more exciting to get surprises and most of my family are really good at buying presents i like anyway. so maybe this is more like a list of things i would buy myself, infact i already have bought no.6 but i'm so happy with it i wanted to still share it. i always think it's nice to get a mix of something classy and luxurious that you normally couldn't afford, something from an independent seller or artist and then jut lots of pretty things that are nice to look at. 

1. french 60's chic japanese book/ la paperelia antigua 
2. pink ombre iphone case/ rifle paper co.
3. square-cut cardigan/cos 
4. spring print/ hanna konola
5. june nailpolish/ chanel 
6. rose triangle necklace/ accessorize