2 December 2013


(a silly photo of me with the tree taken a couple of years ago)

on the first of december we put the christmas tree up. we got a real one which is a bit of a novelty for me because we always have a fake tree at home. me and my sister tasha always decorate the tree with our favourite christmas music playing in the background, and it's the event i enjoy most in december after christmas day itself. our mum keeps all the decorations in the same old boxes that we have had since we were little, so it's always really nostalgic to carefully look through and try to find the ones i like best, and come across ones that i love but always forget we have. and the smell of tinsel, obviously. i'm a bit scared this year because i have my dissertation to write over christmas, and i have so much to do by that day that the countdown to christmas is also a countdown for so many other horrible things for me at the minute that i'd rather not think about it. even so, i'm always excited for christmas and i've already started listening to songs from my xmas playlist, which never really changes. i've linked all the songs.

1. just like christmas/ low
2. listen, the snow is falling/ galaxie 500
3. funeral face/ suburban kids with biblical names
4. sister winter/ sufjan stevens
5. last snowstorm of the year/ low
6. blue christmas/ she and him
7. winter wooskie/ belle and sebastian
8. happy christmas (war is over)/ john & yoko
9. everything is one big christmas tree/ magnetic fields