21 December 2013


as a redhead i have really pale skin, so it's quite a task finding make-up products that suit my complexion. i don't really wear too much, just the bare essentials as i always prefer to look natural. i've actually never been very good at putting make-up on either, i'm embarrassed to say at the age of twenty three that i still can't put eye-liner on. i don't really have much patience for it, infact the entire process of putting make-up on in the morning i find rather monotonous and incredibly boring. so here is a little guide to my basic beauty routine.

(central photo of lea's room in womanhouse)

13 December 2013



the first time i went to versailles was without exaggeration one of the best days of my life. each subsequent visit has been an attempt to re-live that perfect time, when the sky was clear blue and the air was warm and all the flowers were in bloom. after watching marie antionette, eating macaroons and listening to the soundtrack a million times, it was exactly how i hoped and imagined it would be. infact i think those things really shaped the way i experienced versailles. a few years on i'm a bit past all of the ladurée hype, but if you're going for the first time then there's literally nothing better than dosing up on MA, buying some macaroons to bring with you (you can buy them there but they're in box-sets so you're a bit limited) and really getting into the whole kirsten dunst/sofia coppola vibe. and just like the film it's really nice to start off at the palace and then slowly move towards petit trianon and the gardens which are by far the most beautiful and dreamy i have ever seen! we even picked out clothes that we thought would go well with versailles. i know how insane that sounds, but if you're planning on taking a load of photos like we were then it's really worth thinking about, especially as the palace and the hall of mirrors is like a selfie-heaven. plain black and white or pastel colours all work well. the photos below are a mixture of some of my favourites taken by both myself and my sister tasha from the various times we have been, both in summer and winter. the one thing i would recommend is that it's really important to go on a clear day when it's not raining. if the perfect weather comes and you have other plans, drop them and and head to versailles!

12 December 2013


this time last year my sister simone and i spent a few days in lisbon, portugal over her birthday. i would love to be there again where it's still autumn and the air is warm. the pictures i took were spread out over the end of one film roll and the beginning of another, and some i only developed a few months ago. this is the first time i have put the photos together and now i remember what a beautiful city it was- a mixture of the elegance of paris and the faded grandeur of an eastern european city like budapest. i met a girl from lisbon who told me a few tips on where to go a little while before i went. one of her recommendations was a custard tart- or pasétis de nata as they are called- from pastéis de belém. we got there on the last day and i can tell you they were delicious! served warm and freshly baked with sugar and cinnamon sprinkled over the top. it's a perfect city for wandering in as it's only about the size of edinburgh. i can remember shops that sold just canned sardines from floor to ceiling and i brought some back for my mum as a gift. they wrapped them up in a little package of brown paper tied up with string and i just remember how wonderful that was. it's not one of the most obvious places for a city break but it's a really special little place and i hope to go back one day.
happy birthday simone!