10 November 2013


i used to be way more into clothes and fashion a few years ago than i am now, although i don't think that's true exactly. i used to spend more on clothes, in fact i didn't have any sense about the value of money at all. also i used to be quite a lot more daring and wear things when i was eighteen that i would never be brave enough to wear now, or even be bothered to. i would go through clothes so fast, buying things one week and hating them the next. my style is definitely more focused on simplicity and comfort now, because i'm really concerned with buying things that i will like for a long time. basically, investment buying. unless it's really well done, the more things going on in an item, the more likely I will tire of looking at it sooner.
i've put together a winter dressing collage based on two of my favourite new wave girls- anna karina in bande-à-part, and catherine deneuve in les parapluies de cherbourg. i love the tomboyish school-girl look of odile as well as the prim and highly polished style of geneviève. both these looks are very much based on investment buying; simple, timeless, well-designed and made out of really good materials. i can't afford many of these items, not many people can. but they're nice to look at and inspire me nonetheless

Odile's look:
1. socks by chloe sevigny for opening ceremony. these are so cute and perfect, i know they're not exactly simple but they'd work really well with classic items and mixing up prints looks good when done right. the perfect length is just below the knee, go above it and you're in completely different territory. 
2. perfect pink jumper by ymc. just perfect. because, it's simple and it's made out of good-quality wool. 
3. this is a great tartan kilt/skirt by margaret howell, it would look great with all of those items, especially the socks!
4. a timeless turtle-neck jumper by cos. slouchy perfection.
5. houndstooth coat by cos. this really channels odile's androgynous, tomboy look. she would definitely wear it. 

Genviève's look: 
1. a prim and proper dolly coat by jaeger boutique. the pockets make it interesting and the bold colour makes it very 60's. 
2. russell and bromley elegant flats. i suppose this is more of an evening winter look because you're feet would freeze if you just wore those during the day. 
3. pink velvet ribbon! this one is from etsy. i would really like to start wearing ribbon in my hair more often. it's so elegant and feminine. 
4. scarf/collar with ribbon tie by peter jensen. i think it would be quite easy to make one of these. 
5. silk sailor-inspired top by jaeger boutique. très geneviève.