12 November 2013




i have only recently developed the photos from the two weeks i had off during summer. the time was halved between norway with my sister simone and camping in the lake district with mathew. we went to olso specifically to see the 'munch 150' exhibition, the largest exhibition of munch's work ever to be in one place. it was really good, especially because they re-assembled his 'frieze of life' for the first time since 1902. some paintings were absent and there were replicas in place, but you really got a sense of why his work is so important to be seen as a whole and within the cycle he intended. i can't say i had any particularly memorable cinnamon buns which was disappointing, but oslo is a very lovely place, especially the outer parts of the city where the munch museum and botanical gardens are. there is actually a really nice cafe in the botanical gardens which i would recommend visiting to anyone going there. this is also when my love affair with acne began.
 as soon as i got back to scotland i had plans with mathew to go camping in the lake district for a couple of nights. the campsite was really idyllic, just at the foot of some fells about fifteen minutes outside of keswick. it was glorious to wake up early in the morning and see the sun shining on the hills behind us, and to be so immediately in nature. i would love to go back again next year, but with a waterproof (!) tent and better equipped for the outdoors in general. i got some serious tent envy, we were all "look how big their tent is" and "ugh, look, those people have chairs." there were lamas in the field next to us aswell which got me really excited, and the campsite was right next to a pub too. so a really perfect spot!