7 November 2013



when you're getting to the end of your trip and need to save some money, head to the café at the swedish institute cause man, this place is cheap! in paris terms, anyway. not only that, but it's one of the loveliest and most relaxing places to enjoy a coffee or have lunch that i have ever been to. they have the nicest outside terrace and on a sunny day it's just wonderful. it always feels like you have managed to find somewhere special and a bit secret, although i'm sure most people know about it. last time we got an apple and cinnamon cake and i've been trying to re-create it ever since, with no luck! so if they have it, make sure you get a piece. also, they have tea for two euros. this might not sound like the best thing ever, but i'm british and i really start to miss tea after a few days of not having it, though i never want to shell out the five euros most places charge for it in paris (rose bakery, for instance). so this really is amazing. the institute itself is also worth checking out, as they put on some really great art exhibitions, such as jockum nordström which we were lucky enough to see the first time we visited paris. 

this is a really cool café located on the qaui de valmy and it's open all day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. they do this really good breakfast meal type-thing for about ten euros a person, where you get a hot drink, a smoothie, some toast and spreads like jam and nutella, and a bolied egg. pretty darn good! hopefully they still do it now. this place also has some good exhibitions, and one time we went they had a gini helie portrait exhibition going on, with lots of her works just dotted around the place. it gets very "cool" in the evening, with lots of hipsters hanging out on the canal (a bit too cool, if you know what i mean). this is the area that the well-known "bobo" hangout chez prune is located after all, so prepare yourself.

this is a classic french patisserie but with a japanese influence, so there's lots of macaroons and eclairs but with matcha (green tea) and black sesame fillings. if you're bored to death of ladurée, this place is a good alternative, and the violet-flavoured macaroon is better than any of the ones i've had from ladurée anyway (well maybe not orange blossom but it's still good). the branch we always go to is the one round the corner from the jardin du luxembourg, and this is so we can take our cakes and scoff them in the park straight after.

this cute little viennese café is also near the jardin du luxembourg, on the rue de l'ecole de médecine. it's a nice place to get a coffee and a cake, nothing exceptional but more normal-priced and it really is charming. sometimes you do just want a normal coffee and you don't care how photogenic the place is, and when we get to this stage this is where we go. i don't have photos of the food but here's some photos i took last time we were there.