1 November 2013


i had such a fun halloween this year, the day was packed with pumpkin carving and ghost-biscuit making (no stencil, freehand!). i got a special halloween package from tasha. she drew me a great scene from hocus pocus which is my favourite halloween film ever and sent a vintage postcard along with it too. we're crazy about halloween in our family, we treat it like christmas almost. in the evening i took everything over to janis's and we made up sweetie bags for the trick or treaters, had a halloween feast and watched hocus pocus (it's either that or sleepy hollow for me.) there were so many halloweeners that the bags we made up and the back-up supplies were gone by about six, so then we ended up having to dip into our own sweetie supplies (omg).  
i hope you had a great halloween too!