24 November 2013


i got some free tickets from mathew's mum for the country living christmas fair in glasgow, which i went to on friday with janis. we were ready for it to be totally posh and a bit unbearable, but actually that didn't bother me too much. we just took it with a pinch of salt because i think we were both far more concerned with feeling christmassy anyway, and i actually really enjoyed it! the stalls were a lot better than i expected, i left with a couple of cute things that i never thought i'd have been able to get. my favourite stall was the polish pottery stall (third photo down), i could have literally spent all of my money there. it was a bit annoying because every design i liked the most was a "master design" so those pieces were more expensive than everything else (around seventeen pounds for a bowl.) but actually that isn't too steep considering the amount of hand-painted decoration which makes it more than reasonable, but i just couldn't afford it anyway. instead i bought a couple of little christmas tree decorations. this is my first year of having a christmas tree that's just mine (i mean, mine and mathew's, ahem) so i'm trying to build up a little decoration collection in time for the first of december which is when i have decided the tree will be going up. there were lots of clothes and homeware shops that specialised in alpaca wool and i was pining over a pair of these slippers made by samantha holmes and some sheepskin mittens by skyeskyns. it's this kind of stuff that's quite pricey but worth every penny! they might just have to go on my christmas list.