27 October 2013


it will soon be two months since we moved into our new flat, and the time has been marked by both good and bad experiences. i now live east but i used to live in the west end like a lot of other students in glasgow. it's been great to finally break out of that cliché and create a whole new life for myself in a totally different part of the city. glasgow seems bigger to me now as i got into a kind of routine of just travelling back and forth between the centre and the west without exploring anywhere else. i've discovered some really cool new places to east and drink, like tapa, one of the best bakeries i have ever been to. and the best thing is that i get to see mathew everyday which is really nice and has totally stabilised my life. and! we have a tv which is a luxury i have never known since moving out from my mum's house five years ago.

on the less positive side, the neighbours downstairs are really noisy and play the most awful dance music until eight in the morning. that isn't so good and i can't pretend that my new home is perfect. i also saw a lady shouting racial abuse at a man walking down the main street just outside my house. this was obviously a really disturbing experience and badly affected me at the time. she was feeding the pigeons as she said it though and i have a feeling she was just plain mad. these negative aspects of our new place have made me realise just what a bubble i was living in in the west end. the east end of glasgow is a more deprived area but i am glad i am being made aware of these problems as opposed to staying ignorant. i would love it if the music stopped though. maybe i'll lend them a low record and see if that improves the situation....