20 October 2013


i have been really missing paris recently. maybe its because i haven't been in a while but i think paris in the cold wintery weather is when it's most beautiful, and it's certainly getting to that time in glasgow. i've been at least once every year since 2009. i don't know why i choose to go there over everywhere else (probably the cheap ryanair flights from glasgow) but i just love going back and re-visiting some of my favourite places. i've decided to do a series of posts over the next few weeks intended as a paris travel guide, full of my favourite things to do, see and eat in the capital. i'm no expert on paris but i have built up a kind of routine of places to visit when i'm there, and hopefully this will be helpful for anyone who is thinking of going. the first is on places to go for food. there's so much to talk about that i will split it up into two parts. the pictures were taken by both myself and my sister tasha


this is always one of the first places i visit when i get to paris and so normally i get there for breakfast/brunch. it has a nice breakfast menu, things like pancakes and bircher museli, and the maple syrup scones are delicious (but tiny). it becomes a bit livelier in the afternoon for lunch and they have a lot more options, mainly salads and tarts. the one i normally visit is located on the rue des martyrs but there is also one now in le bon marché. the selection of cakes is wonderful and we normally take something to go when we leave

rose bakery

merci is a really cool shop located on the boulevard beaumarchais and has three different places to eat inside- the bookshop cafe, the cinema cafe and a restaurant on the lower ground floor. i've been to the bookshop cafe mostly. they do simple meals for lunch like soup and goats cheese on toast with chives. you can only really go to merci for lunch/coffee because they close too early for dinner

 this next one is probably my favourite place in paris ever. it's tucked away down a little alley just opposite the pompidou centre. i've been with friends, family and with just mathew and it always has a wonderful  atmosphere. the food itself is simple, classic french cooking and the restaurant's always full of locals. if you  get there early around seven or eight in the evening then there's no need to book. my favourite meal is the chicken with honey and fennel, which they seem to always have on the menu