18 October 2013


i've been making lavender shortbread quite regularly recently. it's cheap and easy to make, you just have to remember to infuse some lavender sugar for a few days in advance. i do this by taking a few springs of dried lavender and putting them with caster sugar in a jar

here's what you need:
125g lavender sugar, plus extra for dusting on top
225g butter
300g plain flour
50g ground rice

cream together the sugar and butter. some recipes tell you to sieve the lavender out and put it in later but i just shove it all in cause i think it looks nice in the bowl. sieve in the flour and the ground rice and mix with a wooden spoon until it resembles bread crumbs. mold it together with floured hands until it forms a paste, then chill in the fridge for fifteen minutes. take it out, cut it in half, roll out and cut into shapes about 5mm thick. place onto grease-proofed baking trays and put back in the fridge again for around half an hour. meanwhile pre-heat the oven at gas mark 4. before putting it in the oven sprinkle some more lavender sugar on top. the shortbread should take between fifteen to twenty minutes to cook. take it out when it just starts to colour round the edges and looks slightly golden. then dust more sugar on top when it comes out