23 October 2013


on friday i went with janis to the bbc good food show. i was hoping for a really light-hearted day out- which it was- especially when we got to see mary berry and paul hollywood do a live cooking demonstration. it was probably one of the stranger things i have ever seen on a stage but good fun. there were lots of stalls selling their produce and a few were really good but me and janis were saying afterwards that we both had expected a bit more, on the whole the stalls and lunch options seemed quite standard. i don't know if there is a selection process but it seems like just anyone can have a stall even if their food isn't very good! i got a few photos anyway, janis gives a more detailed account of the day here. they had a tunnocks stall though so i should just stop complaining.

janis going in for the ginger rapeseed oil. this stall was by a company called supernature and i really like their infused oils- especially the packaging! so pretty.